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Case Study: Rapid return on investment and long-term savings with power factor correction.

Posted 4 August 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

Total Utilities has assisted many clients in making long term immediate savings by identifying power factor issues and providing turnkey services to rectify the problem. Total Utilities Power Factor Case...
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Power Factor – Are you installing the right tools for the job?

Posted 16 July 2019 by Chris Hargreaves

In the electrical industry, Power Factor is widely known as a bit of a dark art. Over the last few years, advances in technology have brought new types of correction systems to the market along with a range of off the shelf cheap products that can be ordered online and promise the world but deliver little. The below paper was written by Allan Ramson (NZCE, BEng, MBT), General Manager of kVArCorrect Ltd and provides an insight into the pros an cons of active versus passive power factor correction for different applications. For a full copy of this paper please click here. History...
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Power Factor: Dark Arts and Wizardry?

Posted 11 September 2018 by Chris Hargreaves

I joined the energy industry 11 years ago this week, the time has flown by and a lot has changed since 2007. Technology has been the driving force and is currently revolutionising the energy market. While the fundamental mechanics remain similar, the way in which pricing is determined for end users (customer) has evolved rapidly and the future only suggests more change with Solar and other distributed generation becoming more cost-effective, battery storage, electric vehicles, blockchain peer to peer energy trading through to the potential of multiple retailers supplying energy to a single...
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What is Power Factor: This Overlooked Charge Could Be Costing You Dearly

Posted 26 September 2017 by Chris Hargreaves

What is Power Factor and why is it Important? Power Factor is an electrical term that is the measurement of how efficient energy consuming equipment translate that energy into a useful output. It is measured by the ratio (>0 and <1) between apparent power (kVA) and real power (kW), where apparent power is the amount of energy required to deliver a required output. Power Factor should be as close to 1 as possible (above 0.95) so that apparent power and real power are nearly the same. This means that nearly all the energy consumed is translated into a useful output. An analogy of this...
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