Low Carbon Solutions


Today, the business case for solar is becoming more and more compelling. As electricity prices go through the roof you, as a business, are under pressure to control costs and meet sustainability goals.

The need for a reliable, clean energy source is clear – reliance on fossil fuels is no longer a viable option. It’s time for you and your business to harness the power of solar energy.

Solar is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your business’ bottom line.

What we do:

Installing solar is a significant investment. With Total Utilities, you get customised solar power systems to ensure optimal output that is specific to your site and energy load. With this approach, you can achieve the biggest bang for your buck.

Committing to solar power should be an informed strategic business decision. We deliver comprehensive business cases that align with your wider business vision and plan.

Solar panels

While many solar panel providers only deliver off the shelf product solutions, Total Utilities provides independent advice that ensures your solution is designed with you in mind and not limited to the products a solar company supplies.

Our solutions are tailored to your business – solar doesn’t have to be one size fits all.

Monitor and optimise energy consumption with PowerRadar

Once your solar solution is installed and operational, you can visualise and monitor energy consumption through PowerRadar – giving you complete visibility into power generation, savings and performance.

Using PowerRadar – our industry-leading energy management software – allows you to monitor and predict energy usage, thus optimising power saving and performance.

Key benefits of solar:


Solar can help lower your electricity costs, mitigate against energy price volatility, and reduce your reliance on the grid by generating your own electricity onsite

Solar helps you reap the rewards of budget stability – with predictable, self-generated solar costs enabling you to more accurately forecast operating expenses.

You can generate revenue by selling your excess solar energy to the grid.

You can reduce your power costs by using stored solar energy (in your battery) at peak times when peak power rates apply.

Solar improves your overall reliability and resilience by using stored solar energy to provide interrupted power when the grid is down.

Find out more:

Take a look at our brochure, Powering your business with solar.

A4_Solar_Download_Powering_your business with solar_Brochure

Power Factor Equipment

What is power factor?

Power factor relates to how energy efficient something is. Poor power factor = poor power efficiency.

Poor power factor is bad news for your business, your carbon footprint, and the environment.

Power factor is usually expressed as a percentage – the lower the percentage, the less efficient your power usage. To bring this to life, we often use the ‘beer analogy’ – as shown in the picture.

Poor power factor results in decreased efficiency and increased costs. It can also cause heat damage to insulation and other circuitry components, and reduction in the amount of available useful power.

What we do:

Working with power factor correction specialists KVArCorrect, Total Utilities provides complete, custom, and ready-to-go power factor solutions, plus ongoing monitoring and maintenance. kVArCorrect offers modular systems which are custom designed to meet each customer’s need, ensuring the best return and no wasted capacity.

These systems will correct our clients’ power factor issues, which extends the lifespans of their equipment, and significantly reduces network charges.

Key benefits:

With power factor correction, you get the energy you need but in a more efficient way.

Solutions mitigate faults and increase system reliability and efficiency.

You will remedy any power factor issues and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

If well-maintained, power factor correction units can last for ten years or even longer, therefore delivering potentially hundreds of thousands in cost savings over the unit’s lifetime.

By installing fit-for-purpose power factor correction units, you can reduce the demand charge component of your electricity bill and eliminate power factor penalty charges.

Find out more:

Take a look at how we have helped businesses like Tegel improve their power factor in our Power factor case study.

image of iPad showing the case study webpage


Indoor and outdoor lighting is essential to business. Like other essentials, commercial lighting carries with it an ongoing, unavoidable cost. So why not make a change that’s good for your bottom line and the environment by upgrading to LEDs?

What we do:

Working with Nugreen Energy Solutions, we fully audit your lighting requirements. This basically covers replacing existing tungsten, fluorescent or halogen lamps and the installation of controls. 

But with many older facilities, the lighting design needs improvement to increase luminescence performance and meet health and safety standards.Our team provides a full turn-key service from business case development to project management, lighting installation, and the safe disposal of your existing lighting.

Utilising our ‘Energy Insights’ product, we can accurately measure your current lighting loads and then post-installation of new lighting, we can verify the savings.

Close up of LED lights

Key benefits of upgrading to LED lights:

image of LED bulbs

LEDs save money, are energy efficient and have much lower maintenance costs

LED lights last much longer and provide a better quality of lighting

They provide a better working environment with less glare, meaning less tired eyes and a safer work environment

They are easy to upgrade

They reduce CO2 emissions and your overall carbon footprint

A lighting audit will give you the toolkit for improving your business’ lighting efficiency and cost

Find out more:

Total Utilities provides lighting audits to help you understand your energy usage, pinpoint better ways to use energy, as well as highlight any safety concerns with electrical systems and wiring, thus making your business a safer place.
A lighting audit will give you the toolkit for improving your business’ lighting efficiency and cost.