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A Journey to Sustainability with Planet Spratt

Posted 22 February 2022 by David Spratt

“I am 75, I have Parkinson’s and I am at the wrong end of the telescope of life”Billy Connolly I may not be facing my mortality in the same dramatic way as our beloved Billy but last November I became an old age pensioner. My Super Gold Card arrived in the mail and last month I went to the movies for $11, the same price as for a child (were they trying to tell me something?) I am young at heart but with a dicky heart. I am sound of mind, but with tinnitus ringing in my head. I’m sturdy, but in a podgy kind of way. In my mind I am thirty, except pretty girls don’t notice...
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Quinton Fisher joins Total Utilities

Posted 20 February 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

The team at Total Utilities are very excited to have Quinton Fisher join us as our Auckland Regional Sales Manager.  Quinton has recently moved to New Zealand from South Africa with his wife and two daughters. When looking at countries to immigrate to, New Zealand, Canada and the U.K made his shortlist.  We’re thrilled that New Zealand was their first choice, and we hope that it won't take long for his family to feel at home here. Total Utilities will do all we can to make the transition smooth for the Fisher family. A real people person Quinton brings with him a...
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Stale, male and pale.

Posted 11 December 2019 by David Spratt

Behind the times in 2019. How to kill friendships and infuriate younger colleagues. Each Christmas for the last three years I have taken the opportunity to mock colleagues, businesses, politicians and friends in the guise of a bit of festive fun. For me 2019 was a year of progressive transition to a new generation of leaders at work. This warrants a look in the mirror and into the mind of an old guy inadvertently keeping the glass ceiling firmly on top of our young talent.   “I just told you my great idea. Why are you being so difficult about...
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Just a moment: are you feeling okay?

Posted 17 October 2019 by David Spratt

This isn’t an easy article to write. I am over 60 years old and have had a wonderful, successful life full of variety, excitement, joy and challenges. Throughout, I have seen myself as a solid kind of person with an optimistic view of the world and a generally even temperament. Now I find myself admitting to the world that I am not bulletproof after all.   A few weeks ago, I was juggling some pretty big issues at work, at home and in the political realm. That’s not unusual in my world, and for many of us in business this is very...
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Power Factor – Are you installing the right tools for the job?

Posted 16 July 2019 by Chris Hargreaves

In the electrical industry, Power Factor is widely known as a bit of a dark art. Over the last few years, advances in technology have brought new types of correction systems to the market along with a range of off the shelf cheap products that can be ordered online and promise the world but deliver little. The below paper was written by Allan Ramson (NZCE, BEng, MBT), General Manager of kVArCorrect Ltd and provides an insight into the pros an cons of active versus passive power factor correction for different applications. For a full copy of this paper please click here. History...
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Business at the Speed of Light – Podcast with David Spratt

Posted 20 May 2019 by David Spratt

Recently David recorded a podcast as part of Umbrellar's Key Technology Hub series. The podcast covers a wide range of topics including: The business reasons Cloud computing is now the norm rather than the exception The business impact of SaaS, PasS and IaaS services “doing business at the speed of light” The cost, consumption and spend issues around a variable cost IT model Changes to the way IT teams are structured in a cloud environment The critical role of partnerships in running and optimising cloud...
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Sympathies for Christchurch

Posted 21 March 2019 by Richard Gardiner

Like the one third of a million Kiwis who were born in the UK, our family was drawn here in the first place by the beauty of New Zealand, its down to earth friendly culture and reputation for freedom and tolerance for all. 26 years later we all feel the same way! Our business has staff born in New Zealand, Brazil and the UK. We are all united by being Kiwis! The barbaric mass murder of innocent Muslims in Christchurch last Friday does not define us. It is the exception to the rule not the rule itself. This atrocity was committed by a pathetic misfit who has no place in our...
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