Total Utilities walks the talk with Toitū net carbonzero re-certification

11 October 2022

Total Utilities is proud to announce it has been recertified as a net carbonzero organisation by Toitū Envirocare – showing our continued commitment to taking positive action against climate change.

Our recertification proves that we continue to walk the talk by accurately measuring emissions, reducing greenhouse gases and neutralising our unavoidable emissions. 

World leading Toitū standard

The Toitū net net carbonzero programme ensures businesses are accurately measuring gas emissions and putting in place strategies to manage, reduce and offset their impact. Total Utilities is proud to meet the ISO 14064-1:2018 standard.

Toitū Envirocare has a world leading certification programme, with certification requirements meeting and exceeding international standards and best practice.

Good business sense

Total Utilities Director, Chris Hargreaves says, “We at Total Utilities are passionate about business sustainability so the Toitū recertification is particularly pleasing.

“Setting our carbon reduction targets is not just about reducing our environmental impact, it makes good business sense.” 

Chirs points out the benefits of net carbonzero certification for businesses, including the reputational advantages of being a good corporate citizen – both to potential customers and other organisations who want to do business with you. 

Carbon reduction not only means you gain a moral and reputational advantage, but you can also identify business efficiencies and cost savings as part of the process. 

Furthermore, employees that work for sustainable organisations see improvements in staff engagement and retention, and also attract higher calibre employees. 

Total Utilities can help you make a plan to reduce emissions and work towards net carbonzero certification. Our services will help you to:

  1. Understand the scope of your challenge by baselining greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Create a credible, actionable roadmap with a multi-year, net zero pathway using science-based methodologies. 
  3. Lock in immediate and long-term gains with our range of services and solutions to deliver your pathway.

Reduce business risk by adhering to today’s environmental regulations and being prepared for future legislation.

Contact us to find out more about our energy management consultancy services.  

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