Quinton Fisher joins Total Utilities

20 February 2020

The team at Total Utilities are very excited to have Quinton Fisher join us as our Auckland Regional Sales Manager. 

Quinton has recently moved to New Zealand from South Africa with his wife and two daughters. When looking at countries to immigrate to, New Zealand, Canada and the U.K made his shortlist. 

We’re thrilled that New Zealand was their first choice, and we hope that it won’t take long for his family to feel at home here. Total Utilities will do all we can to make the transition smooth for the Fisher family.

A real people person

Quinton brings with him a wealth of experience in utilities and a passion for sales. A real people person, Quinton is all about building and maintaining meaningful long-term relationships with both his clients and his colleagues which makes him the ideal candidate for heading Auckland regional sales.

2020 marks Quinton’s twelfth year in utilities

Quinton owned and has now sold a successful business in South Africa, Thinktility, a company who has helped large brands, like Kellogg’s company of South Africa, experience the benefits of reduced tariffs, smart metering and energy-efficient solutions. 

Drawn to Total Utilities culture and vision

For Quinton, the culture and vision of Total Utilities was a perfect fit. He especially appreciates the feel of camaraderie and togetherness and that it is a place where ideas and knowledge are shared freely. He notes that it doesn’t matter where the suggestion comes from, whether it’s an employee’s idea or a director’s, if the initiative has merit then the team at Total Utilities will do their best to explore its feasibility and implement it.

Sustainability and renewable energy are important 

Total Utilities cares about future-proofing New Zealand businesses, by helping them think about how their utility choices not only impact their bottom line but people and the planet too. 

Quinton’s passions align with our vision, as he cares about sustainability, identifying and using alternative energy sources, and providing smart and efficient energy solutions backed by clever, cutting edge analysis and insights. 

A skilled negotiator with a strong financial and operations background

Quinton loves helping people, building relationships and understanding how businesses operate. His skills lie in sales, marketing, negotiating favourable contracts with preferred suppliers, and he brings with him a financial, analytical and technical background. 

What’s more, he also thrives on exceeding client’s expectations, helping them solve complex issues and achieve meaningful outcomes.

His why? Reducing costs for businesses, empowering them to understand the financial impact of their utilities’ usage, and what level of power they are consuming, with the aim to make their business more streamlined, save money, and increase profitability and sustainability.

Making the most of New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle

Quinton visited New Zealand in September 2019 to see if it could be a country where his family could lay down roots. The tranquillity and natural beauty remind him of the town where he grew up. Since moving to West Auckland, Quinton has found the transition relatively painless, and now he has time to make the most of our outdoor lifestyle. In his free time, he enjoys swimming in the ocean, mountain biking, fishing, golfing and hiking.

A dynamic addition to our team

We respect Quinton’s ambition and initiative. When he decided that New Zealand was a place he’d happily immigrate to, he arranged to have a meeting with our managing director, Richard Gardiner and the rest as they say is history. 

Serving the Supercity

Quinton will be helping new clients around the supercity discover better, more efficient and sustainable ways to manage their energy consumption. 

Total Utilities warmly welcomes Quinton to our team. We know that he will take care of you, our clients, and provide you with excellent, insightful service.