At Total Utilities we believe in creating a platform that enables us to be in active partnership with you, to enable us to offer the best energy solutions based on your goals and what drives your business.

As Energy Consultants our process is comprehensive and incorporates analysis of your existing energy usage and costs, through to investigating the most viable options based on an understanding of what you want to achieve, and then negotiating and procuring the best priced energy contracts. Ultimately, we want you to feel informed and engaged throughout to assist you on your energy management journey.

We do this by focusing on the key factors that drive your business such as managing your costs and your energy usage efficiently and effectively. There is a strong link between purchasing prices, consumption and the efficiency of how your business utilises its energy demand.

By understanding this relationship and your needs, we provide a tailored service that assesses, identifies, improves and manages your energy usage and efficiency. This results in savings, improved efficiency, and a more sustainable business through procurement, monitoring and management of usage and cost.

Energy Benefits and Solutions

Electricity and Gas Procurement

Understanding your commercial electricity and natural gas options can be time-consuming and difficult, especially since the amount of viable options has increased dramatically over the last few years.  Total Utilities negotiates over $400 million worth of energy contracts each year, and is therefore well placed to ensure customers secure favourable contract terms.  We are able to obtain the best market prices and find the right energy solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Another way to gain tenders that work to your advantage, is to keep informed of the external factors that affect your business. Total Utilities provides customers with monthly market updates that cover the various trends and up-to-date expert commentary on the electricity and gas markets.  Keeping informed and being equipped with market intelligence, is essential when scheduling the most advantageous electricity and gas tenders.

Advanced Energy Monitoring and Energy Insight

Working together with Centrica Business Solutions, Total Utilities is the exclusive partner delivering the Energy Insight product solution to the New Zealand market. With more than 2000 sensors installed across 90 sites through out New Zealand, we are helping our clients turn energy from a commodity cost into a value-driving opportunity for their business. Energy Insight is ideal for any business that depends on operational performance, driving efficiency, maximising energy spend, and ensuring the reliability of their equipment.

Total Utilities delivers visibility and intelligence through Panoramic Power’s innovative device-level technology and Energy Insight. The sensor technology is designed for simple, quick, non-intrusive installation with minimal business disruption and requires no maintenance. A revolution in Energy Management.

The benefits of Energy Insight to You

Comprehensive understanding of your entire energy estate

Proactively manage energy consumption and reduce spend

Reduce the risk of device or equipment failure

Turn energy from commodity cost into a value-driving opportunity

To find out how you can improve your operations contact us today.

Energy Audit

Energy audits are another tool that helps to identify and understand how energy is used in a site or facility. By using the information gained from an audit as a starting point, and also considering ongoing energy management, a range of opportunities can be identified to optimise energy usage, save money, and reduce carbon footprints.

By carrying out retro-commissioning, a systematic process that improves the efficiency of an existing plant or business, we can get your plant working properly and economically.  By avoiding the cost of replacement, and instead tuning what you already have, the financial results are highly attractive.  It is not uncommon for savings of around 20-30% to be reached in the average commercial building environment, as a result of undertaking retro-commissioning and tuning.

Viability of energy solutions

Viability and feasibility studies outline the  potential of energy solutions before any recommendations or decisions are made. As Energy Consultants we build the business case, this ensures that all aspects, internal and external, are considered when selecting the best products for your needs.

Solar Viability for New Zealand Business

A Solar Viability Assessment (SVA) investigates the commercial viability of implementing a solar photovoltaic installation at your business.  The benefits of solar are numerous and include a significant reduction to your energy bills and a reduction in your business’ greenhouse gas emissions.

However the solar market carries inherent risks, due to the amount of options available with the increase in organisations offering products, and a largely deregulated market.  A viability study will enable you to make an informed decision in relation to the costs and benefits of installing solar and provide you with crucial information on how solar fits into a wider energy management plan prior to making any investment commitments.

Electric Vehicles (EV) and Chargers

As an emerging technology, which is fast becoming commonplace, EVs are another solution that reduces costs and emissions.  At the same time, there are a number of external factors that need to be considered when assessing the viability of including EVs as part of a commercial fleet.

Like the Solar Viability Assessment, Total Utilities can assist you when considering if EVs should be part of your future strategy, by considering the different factors that play a part in the decision making.

Power factor and voltage optimisation systems

Issues with low power factor or large variances in voltage levels are two of the major issues facing many sites.  These issues, if unresolved, have a large direct impact on the overall electricity charges received by the site.

Total Utilities, with this in mind, performs feasibility studies, designs, installs and commissions power factor and voltage optimisation systems. As an independent consultant, we can coordinate the whole process from quoting through to the supply and installation of Power Factor Correction at your site.


Nabers NZ

NABERSNZ is a national rating system that measures the energy performance of New Zealand commercial buildings and tenancies and is a systematic, proven, cost effective tool that ensures your building is performing at a high standard. Unlike other rating systems, NABERSNZ focuses on how buildings perform in the real world, post commissioning and occupancy.

NABERSNZ is essentially a de-risking tool: well rated assets are shown to have longer lease terms, lower vacancies, and substantially superior net operating income. Highly rated buildings also have better occupancy rates and longer lease terms. It does not matter what age or size your office building is, it can still get a NABERSNZ rating providing it has been in use for at least a year.

With a qualified assessor on staff we can help you get your first rating or assist you on your bench marking journey.

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