Inform your energy strategy with an end-to-end view of your assets

17 April 2020

Create a sustainable energy strategy, and build a competitive advantage with powerful energy insights that provide complete visibility of your energy footprint.

Now more than ever businesses globally are looking for wastage and holding utility costs to account by requiring detailed operational reports.

As the owner of your energy strategy, it is imperative that you have end-to-end visibility of your energy footprint. Obtaining this level of visibility will provide you with energy intelligence around consumption and performance of on-site assets. These energy insights will give your business the ability to:

  1. Understand how energy is being used across your entire footprint
  2. Identify processes and specific devices where energy is being wasted
  3. Manage risks and opportunities in real-time to ensure performance of assets

Manage all your data in a single energy management system

Having a centralised view of your entire energy footprint and device-level data eliminates the time and complexity involved with managing energy data in multiple platforms. A single platform that integrates with other systems creates a holistic view of your energy infrastructure that can be used to inform a single, full report.

In addition, using a single platform to manage your energy data means you always know that you’re looking at real-time, accurate intelligence. This can help you make data-driven decisions about your energy strategy that are based on the most up-to-date energy data displayed in the energy management platform.

The granular level of intelligence provided by device-level data will provide you with a deeper understanding of your energy use and help to accurately form your energy strategy. This information can be used to identify ways to future-proof your strategy to:

  1. Improve operational efficiency
  2. Uncover growth opportunities
  3. Unlock new revenue streams
  4. Identify new energy technologies

Use Energy Insights data to improve operational efficiency

Data can help your business analyse capital equipment to identify inefficiencies and determine when equipment should be replaced or requires maintenance. By keeping equipment working efficiently and performing at its optimum level, you can avoid costly downtime and reduce business risk.

Use data to uncover growth opportunities

Better energy insights can free up resources to support growth initiatives, turning energy from a commodity cost to a value-adding resource. Growth opportunities can also be achieved when your strategy successfully lowers the costs associated with energy.

Use data to unlock new revenue streams

The information gathered through end-to-end visibility can help your business leverage its energy use, flexibility and existing assets. This opportunity unlocks new revenue streams for your business by allowing you to curtail energy use or sell surplus energy back to the grid through Demand Response (DR), demand management and asset optimisation.

Use data to identify new energy technologies

End-to-end visibility of your energy footprint can help to inform decisions on using new technologies such as solar and battery storage, back-up power generation, or cogeneration (also known as Combined Heat and Power or CHP) to help drive energy optimisation and improve resilience.

The visibility of your energy footprint will grow as you adopt new technologies, but by using a centralised system to holistically monitor and manage your data, this should not add any extra complexity. In fact, your energy management system can provide you with the data you need to justify your investments in on-site energy generation.

Why businesses need to choose the right platform and provider

It is imperative that businesses partner with a provider that has the right energy insight tools and a platform that collects and centralises granular, device-level data.

Working with Total Utilities, businesses can be sure that they’ll benefit from experience and expertise. We are the New Zealand providers of Centrica’s Energy Insight solution and integrated energy management platform, PowerRadar®. These tools are generating new opportunities across all types of industry, giving organisations the ability to manage real-time, device-level energy intelligence in a single, holistic view.

Contact our experts to find out how we can help you obtain real-time visibility of your energy performance and develop a strategy that turns your energy into a competitive asset.