Insights are the understanding of a distinct cause and effect in a specific context. To determine this we gain in-depth insights into our customers’ energy usage, use of their ICT systems and their waste processes from the extensive amount of data we measure, assess and analyse. Our analysis of the data is both qualitative and quantitative and allows us to gain valuable understanding into how your business operates by identifying patterns and trends. Using these findings as a starting point, we can assess your current needs, identify areas for improvement, and forecast the future needs of your business.

When considering and negotiating contract terms, and the pricing and suitability of products, the insights we gain into your business are always considered alongside the impact of external real-world factors. Strategic business decisions are then based on a view of how your data interacts and is impacted by external risks and opportunities.

Our approach to data analysis is considered, involved, and utilises innovative technology. This enables us to leverage decision-making and work alongside you to create holistic energy, ICT and waste strategies.


Advanced Energy Monitoring and Energy Insight

Industry 4.0 represents the next great industrial revolution and is characterised by improved automation on the back of intelligent feedback between manufacturing devices, processes and managers. Underpinning this is the Internet of Things (IoT) which allows greater visibility of devices and thus adding value to production and operation processes.

The ability to measure energy consumption at the device level without the need for expensive hard wired metering solutions, combined with expert analysis and consultative advice, ensures that our customers can make decisions quickly and increase operational efficiency.

Benefits for your business:

Improve your business performance with Panoramic Power

Data is collected via Panoramic Power’s wireless sensor technology with revenue grade meter accuracy. This information is then transmitted every 10 seconds to a state-of-the-art cloud-based analytics platform. Data can then be analysed to deliver sophisticated reports and statistical analysis on detailed energy and operational consumption. Total Utilities Advanced Energy Monitoring Service provides real-time alerts, automated reports, and ongoing visibility into all devices and systems – all key factors for gaining valuable insights into your business’ energy usage and predicting and managing future consumption.

Implementing and installing the sensor system is easy and adaptable to your existing solutions. No wiring is required, deployment is rapid across multiple sites, and sensor installation is immediate, resulting in no downtime. The system can easily be integrated with your existing devices and data can be exported to other software applications. Its cloud-based platform easily adapts to the data generated by your existing systems such as network connected smart meters, data loggers or building automation systems (BAS).

Valuable information can be gained on your company’s trends and historical usage and then, through the system’s detailed analysis of data, future usage can be predicted. This level of insight helps us to develop energy strategies and solutions. Monitoring and managing energy usage is also key for cost-saving, and the intelligent system will send a real-time email or text alert to notify you of any anomalies to your energy consumption, such as off-schedule usage, or advanced failure detection.

Reporting is another key feature. Exception based reporting will notify you of any equipment failures or unusual energy consumption patterns. Regular customised reports are generated and sent to stakeholders, which summarises consumption, compares by site and load, and uses calculated energy benchmarks to develop insights.

Finally, Total Utilities Advanced Energy Monitoring Service is affordable and effective, with ongoing consulting and advice, our expertise will deliver a quick return on investment and help you to manage and improve your energy consumption.

Advanced Cloud Monitoring and Analytics

With businesses moving their applications to the Cloud, new challenges for managing cost and consumption arise. Businesses desire to maximise revenue streams, and by adopting different cloud providers, scale up is easily achieved. The opposite, scale down and usage optimisation, is much more difficult to implement.

The big issue for a business with a large cloud presence is the risk of proliferation of services such as compute instances and storage. Over-extending your consumption can result in harder to manage I.T budgets and a lack of understanding of the total costs involved.

More than ever, there is a need for multi-platform visibility of cloud service consumption, in order to optimise usage and avoid unnecessary costs. Businesses need to be able to monitor and analyse all of their cloud usage, if they want to move towards greater efficiency and improved financial handling. Having accurate, timely and insightful financial data around cloud usage allows a company’s executive team, especially the CIO and CFO, to understand the current and projected financial positions.

Total Utilities Cloud Monitoring and Analysis through Cloudyn allows for data-driven decision-making by providing:

Over time the value of the reporting from the cloud monitoring and analysis increases as more data is collected. With more data there is more opportunity for analysis, which leads to developing further insights into how your business uses the Cloud.

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