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Business at the Speed of Light – Podcast with David Spratt

Posted 20 May 2019 by David Spratt

Recently David recorded a podcast as part of Umbrellar's Key Technology Hub series. The podcast covers a wide range of topics including: The business reasons Cloud computing is now the norm rather than the exception The business impact of SaaS, PasS and IaaS services “doing business at the speed of light” The cost, consumption and spend issues around a variable cost IT model Changes to the way IT teams are structured in a cloud environment The critical role of partnerships in running and optimising cloud...
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Telecommunications: The Consumer Wins Again

Posted 14 November 2017 by Mike Ette

Telecommunications services are a commodity and this has driven the price of services, especially consumer mobile and fixed broadband, to levels that were only a dream a few years ago. Here is some context. My 13-year-old son gets more for his $10 per month prepay mobile plan today than I got for my $35 plus handset post-paid plan in the late 1990’s. At that time text messages were 20c each and only available from Vodafone. My home fibre broadband connection, without a phone attached, costs $95 per month and gives me 103Mbs/sec throughput at quiet times and at the worst times I still...
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Vodafone set to acquire TelstraClear – a ‘cosy duopoly’?

Posted 16 July 2012 by David Spratt

In the 36 hours since Vodafone announced its intention to acquire TelstraClear there has been a flurry of conflicting opinions regarding the potential impact on the NZ telecoms market.  Pundits’ opinion on the consumer impact of this move has ranged from there being a ‘limited’ impact to predicted price decreases and Consumer NZ’s view that a beefed up Vodafone offering could actually act to drive Telecom’s prices up. So, while the decision whether or not to let the sale go ahead sits with the New Zealand Commerce Commission, Overseas Investment Office and the Ministry of...
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