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The burning question about solar

Posted 26 May 2022 by Chris Hargreaves

It’s cheap, it’s reliable and it’s not running out anytime soon. So the burning question remains - why isn’t commercial solar as hot as… well, the sun? Today, the business case for solar is becoming more and more compelling when it comes to commercial use. It’s not only good for the environment – it’s also good for your bottom line. With electricity prices going through the roof, solar represents a cheap alternative to cut ongoing power costs and hedge against future electricity price increases. Indeed, solar gets more viable by the day when you consider the gains you...
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What’s happening with New Zealand’s Natural Gas and Decarbonisation Markets?

Posted 27 July 2021 by Richard Gardiner

All businesses need electricity. All people in a modern society like ours need electricity. The trouble lies in finding balance between combatting climate change and generating enough electricity to sustain our population. We all know and understand the importance of decarbonizing given the ominous challenge posed to us by climate change globally. But, New Zealand is a small, remote country which only accounts for 1/15th of 1% of the world’s population of 7.5 billion. New Zealand’s electricity and natural gas markets are inextricably inter-linked. Electricity and gas compete as...
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Case Study: A local big box retail chain cuts energy waste

Posted 16 June 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

A New Zealand retail chain is reaching its sustainable business goals and cutting costs with an intelligent energy insights tool. Big Box Retail Case Study...
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Tiwai and Meridian’s deal: The aftermath of our large energy users and the future of energy in New Zealand

Posted 9 February 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters has struck a new deal with Meridian Energy which means the smelter will remain open until at least Decemeber 2024. We don’t yet know the prices that Rio Tinto has agreed with Meridian, but Forsyth Barr estimates that Rio will be paying a contract price of 3.5c/kWh. Compare that with large energy users across the country, who are paying over 11c/kWh. Last week, the news pushed already elevated ASX energy futures higher. Customers leaving contracts on or around a raw energy price of 8.5c/kWh struck 3 years ago are now facing, on average, raw...
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