The burning question about solar

26 May 2022

It’s cheap, it’s reliable and it’s not running out anytime soon. So the burning question remains – why isn’t commercial solar as hot as… well, the sun?

Today, the business case for solar is becoming more and more compelling when it comes to commercial use. It’s not only good for the environment – it’s also good for your bottom line.

With electricity prices going through the roof, solar represents a cheap alternative to cut ongoing power costs and hedge against future electricity price increases.

Indeed, solar gets more viable by the day when you consider the gains you receive in terms of ensuring budget stability with predictable, self-generated solar costs. Then there’s the add-on benefit of being able to more accurately forecast operating power expenses.

So, what’s holding businesses back?

Total Utilities Director, Chris Hargreaves, believes it could be down to the perception that the return on investment is too long.

But Chris explains Total Utilities can provide various funding options which make the transition cost neutral, so it doesn’t have to add to overall business debt. And over time of course, you have the ongoing benefit of cheap and sustainable solar.

More viable and better value for money

“Return on investment is now under seven years for a commercial solar array, so it’s becoming much more viable and better value for money for business use,” he says. “Even in the last 12 months, conditions have changed with electricity prices going up and the cost of solar coming down.”
“Reducing your reliance on the grid and generating your own electricity onsite, gives you a strategic advantage and means you can become master of your own destiny, mitigating against energy price volatility.”

Smart with solar

Chris explains that solar users can also get smart with how they use their self-generated power. For example, they can discharge their solar battery at peak times to avoid peak grid rates, as well as generate revenue by selling excess solar energy back to the grid.

Other major benefits include solar being an easily maintainable, consistent power source – providing uninterrupted supply during power cuts. It’s conveniently scalable too, so you can further reduce up front costs by growing your system with your business over time. 

Goodwill of going green

And you can’t underestimate the goodwill generated by being perceived as a ‘green’ business as more and more customers turn to companies putting sustainability at the heart of their operations.

Indeed, when it comes to bidding for contracts, sustainability is becoming central to doing business in many sectors, with clients giving considerable weight to sustainability credentials when it comes to awarding contracts.

So, it seems the jury is no longer out when it comes to solar. It’s time to bask in its uninterrupted glory.  

With the list of benefits including cost saving, controlling utility costs, reducing your carbon footprint, providing uninterrupted power and being easily maintained and scalable – all at the same time as showcasing your eco-friendly creds – only one question remains…

When are you going to join the new power generation?

Download this guide for the benefits and how we can have solar plan for you!

Total Utilities-Powering your business with solar

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