Drive energy efficiency through data

25 May 2020

If you don’t know precisely how, when and where energy is being used across your business, how can you understand where your energy costs really lie, or the best opportunities to improve energy and operational performance?

Working together with Centrica Business Solutions, Total Utilities is the exclusive partner delivering the Energy Insight product solution to the New Zealand market. Using Centrica’s wireless sensor technology, you can monitor energy usage in real-time – right down to device and equipment level. When this information is relayed to our PowerRadarTM analysis platform, you can access the intelligence you need to develop a data-driven energy strategy.

The Power of IoT

Our Internet of Things (IoT) technology is providing the deep energy insights that uncover flexibility and value in your operations and generation assets. This is a ‘game changer’ in raising energy performance across all types of organisations ­– from manufacturing and leisure ­­­­­­­­­­­­– to healthcare and education.

Energy Insight technology provides full visibility of energy usage across your site, or multiple sites – right down to individual device level. We attach self-powered, wireless sensors to equipment and processes, such as conveyor belts, lighting circuits, chillers, or any other energy consuming assets.

This instantly transmits real-time data to our cloud-based PowerRadar analytics and reporting platform. You can then access this intelligence to inform your decision making and improve efficiencies.

Deep energy insights

Hundreds of sensors, which can measure both heat and power consumption, can be installed within a few hours and won’t cause disruption to operations. Data provided by our IoT technology enables organisations to quickly identify and resolve energy waste. It can also pinpoint opportunities to reduce high peak-time energy costs by moderating consumption in these periods.

The biggest gains of IoT energy insights are often seen in improved operational efficiency and business resilience. By ensuring that critical equipment is operating optimally and preventing costly disruption, or even breakdown, large operational cost savings can be achieved. Continuity of operations is also assured, which is particularly beneficial in manufacturing environments.

The results of IoT energy optimisation

We’re seeing the positive results of our IoT enabled energy optimisation across all business sectors, including Progressive Enterprises New Zealand.

Read the full case study below.