Meet Pravind: Your Partner in Waste Reduction Success!

06 December 2023

Welcome Pravind Singh, our new Sustainable Business Improvement Manager, spearheading our mission to create a greener business landscape! Discover how Pravind and Total Utilities can transform your business’s waste management by booking your free waste consultation today!

With an impressive background in sustainability, waste management, recycling and accounting, Pravind will be leading the charge as we continue to develop and refine our waste reduction service offerings.

He arrives brimming with experience and is dedicated to steering your business toward a greener, more efficient future.

Solutions-focused approach

Pravind’s mission is clear: to help businesses like yours save money while embracing eco-friendly practices.

His knack for connecting with people and his solutions-focused approach have been instrumental in transforming projects, aligning them with sustainability goals, and delivering impressive, measurable results.

In his previous roles as Key Account Manager for both Waste Management and Reclaim, Pravind demonstrated exceptional acumen in transforming projects, yielding both significant savings and innovative solutions.

At Total Utilities, Pravind will oversee and optimise waste services and initiatives for the business, including waste reviews, managing waste RFPs, conducting audits, integrated waste reporting, and handling commercial cleaning services RFP management.

Passionate about impact

“I’m excited to be joining Total Utilities on a permanent basis,’ says Pravind. “I’ve been contracting with the team for many years now, so this is a chance to apply my industry background and waste and recycling experience to make a real impact.”

“My passion lies in connecting with people and delivering results that drive savings, promote sustainability, and reduce waste.”

“Understanding each client’s unique needs allows us to tailor strategies that truly benefit each business, ensuring the best results that meet or exceed their objectives,” he adds.

Outside of the office, Pravind wears many hats! He’s not just a committed family man with a wife and young daughter, but he is also deeply involved in his local community.

A past president of Rotary Club, he also keeps himself busy volunteering at Hospice, serving as a Justice of the Peace and mentoring a school entrepreneurial programme! He enjoys honing his public speaking skills, and connecting with people at every level.

Coming soon: innovative new waste solutions!

Pravind’s arrival marks a significant step forward in Total Utilities’ goal to help businesses like yours achieve environmental and financial success.

His expertise in waste and recycling, combined with his drive for tangible outcomes, promises an exciting journey toward a more sustainable future for our clients.

Stay tuned for more insights into innovative waste reduction strategies and personalised service offerings from Total Utilities.

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future – saving costs and the planet every step of the way!

Book your free waste consultation today!