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29 May 2013

Power-DollarA group of six clubs cut their energy bills by almost 20% – saving them a massive $175,400 – by handing their power negotiations over to Total Utilities Management Group.

Savings ranged from $18,500 to $54,400 on the contestable energy part of their Time Of Use (TOU) bills – which excludes fixed line charges.

The clubs ranged from North Island RSAs and Cosmopolitan Clubs to South Island Working Mens Clubs.  Steve Andrews of Manurewa RSA, who has a 13 year track record working with TUMG, saved 17% on his club’s electricity bill and fixed his power price until 2015.  Not quite the $80,000 rebate that TUMG had achieved for him a few years earlier, but still a saving worth having.

By taking the energy requirements of clubs out to market as a group, TUMG is able to negotiate great power prices.  Analysts then document and recommend the best supplier to suit each club’s needs and advise them on the most beneficial contract terms.

All the club manager has to do is supply one month’s electricity account details and TUMG does the rest.  Based on the average saving gained by this group of six clubs, TUMG’s fixed fee will currently be repaid in savings within two months of the new contract term – leaving the remaining 34 months’ savings to go straight into the clubs’ bank accounts.

Current market conditions are extremely good for Time of Use (TOU) pricing according to TUMG analysts.  “TOU pricing is holding at an unusually low level at the moment,” says TUMG’s Chris Hargreaves.  “Clubs have the opportunity to lock in pricing for the next three years by renewing their contracts– when TOU prices change, they can change quickly so our advice is to act now.”

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