NZ Mobile Data Traffic Growth

07 March 2013

This article in the latest issue of Computerworld reflects on how increasing use of smartphones and cloud services is driving mobile data growth.  It brings into focus the need to identify how a company’s spending trend is more towards data and mobile data and less on landline, business and tolls calling.

TUMG carefully analyses usage and trends before entering into the process of issuing tenders and RFP’s for mobile, landline and data services.

To read the full article in Computer World, by Divina Paredes, published on 7 March 2013, please click here (link to

Article Exerpt:

“NZ mobile data traffic to increase eight-fold by 2017”

Mobile just one aspect of the ‘data deluge’ IT managers have to prepare for, according to speakers at the Cisco Live conference in Melbourne

Dr Robert Pepper, vice president for global technology policy at Cisco  says “the four drivers for data consumption growth across the network have been more users, more devices per user, faster speeds on networks and more media rich content.

In Australia and New Zealand, everybody who is going to be connected is connected he says, so the variables in these two countries are driven by more connections, the type of devices and faster mobile speeds and apps.

“We are in a very sophisticated market where people are already connected,” says Pepper.

So what is driving this growth? The short answer is video and cloud services, he says.  Read more.  (link: