Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

At Total Utilities we understand that behind every modern successful business, there are intelligent, affordable and up-to-date Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. Our aim therefore, is to provide a structured business approach that enables our clients to reach decisions that are based on the right technology solutions at the best possible price. At the same time, we recognise the importance to balance the needs of stakeholders and provide solutions that are aligned with each business’ strategy.

Our thorough and robust ICT Consulting service means businesses can make logical and justified decisions. Informed decision-making is vital, and Total Utilities delivers this by providing each business with our technical expertise, detailed insights into the market and its participants, accurate financial modelling and complete vendor independence.

Information and Communication Technology benefits from Total Utilities

ICT Consulting and Strategy delivers clarity

Total Utilities offers a clear perspective on the complex financial and technical options facing customers. We recognise the many challenges that modern businesses need to navigate in relation to ICT. The increased reliance on technology, the rapid pace of market changes, and the potential disruption from upgrades, are all factors that need to be considered. We also consider the long-term viability of recommended vendors and suppliers, and the appropriateness of the selected technology for the business’ current and future needs.

In order to offer clarity to what can be a complex process, an important part of our service is acting as an interpreter between different groups.  We “translate” between the business, finance and the technology team, in language they understand. As well as interpreting, we hear and understand the needs of the various stakeholders in order to provide solutions that meet the business’ requirements.

Benchmarking and Market Options Review

Total Utilities offers a proof of concept ICT benchmarking review, to put a client’s current Information and Commmunication Technology consumption and spend into a wider market context. This process assists with setting the expectations of key decision makers, and determines what products and services will deliver the best returns from a formal review. Clients can leverage our extensive product and service market knowledge to gain an understanding of what options are open to them, prior to committing to a full market review. In some cases, there may be little or no value in going to the market via a formal tender or RFP process. The time, effort and expense of pursuing this course of action may exceed the rewards gained in lower prices or improved services.

Cloud Computing Analytics

Total Utilities utilises a best of breed multi-provider Cloud Computing analytics tool to deliver actionable monthly recommendations to its cloud analytics clients. This service seeks to optimise a client’s cloud computing expenditure by offering right sizing machine recommendations, and identifying key usage trends before these become an issue. With global data storage compounding annually at double digit rates, and ‘internet of things’ devices generating increasing volumes of reported data, there is an increasing need for reliable, easily actionable analytics. Data downloads are available from a number of platforms, but obtaining insights and picking trends from a sea of data has become key.

IT departments are moving from a CAPEX led ‘own your own’ service model to an OPEX led consumption model. Our analytics and reporting service seeks to provide actionable recommendations to IT departments for right sizing, and management level reporting to financial planners to provide financial peace of mind in a newly variable cost centre, irrespective of which public cloud platform a client chooses to deploy.

Technology Selection and Advice

Selecting the right technology services is an important aspect of any long-term business plan. Total Utilities ensures chosen services meet the needs of key stakeholders and a firm’s ongoing and evolving business strategy. Areas covered include:

Procurement and Vendor Selection

Utilizing a customer-led set of weighting criteria, vendors are selected based on service reliability,  how they align with existing and emerging technology strategy, billing and account level support, risk minimisation and mitigation, and price competitiveness. This provides a selection process that is both transparent and has measurable evaluation criteria at every stage.

Our comprehensive process results in fact-based Information and Communication Technology recommendations that businesses can confidently present to their executive management and board.

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Up To Date With Your Technology?