Santa’s carbon footprint: naughty or nice?

06 December 2023

Here at Total Utilities, we’re putting on our eco-goggles to dissect Santa’s eco-efficiency (or lack thereof). Hold on to your elf hats because Ethical Ocean has unwrapped the numbers, and let’s just say, Santa’s sleigh ride isn’t exactly carbon-neutral!

Santa’s mileage: over 122 million carbon miles!

It’s no secret that Santa’s worldwide jaunt covers a whopping 122 million miles, but did you know it also churns out a staggering 69.7 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions? Ho-ho-hold on, that’s a lot of CO2!

Ripping Open Santa’s Carbon Wrapper

Ever wondered where the bulk of Santa’s carbon overload comes from? Surprise, surprise – it’s the toys!  A hefty 68.1 million tonnes of Santa’s emissions stem from toy production, packaging, and toy disposal.

But hey, we’re not asking him to become the Grinch. Instead, we’re suggesting a workshop glow-up – solar-powered LEDs anyone? Maybe a little lighting inspiration from local company ELVO Solar could spark that North Pole magic?

Rudolph and the ‘Not-So-Naughty’ List

Even Rudolph and his reindeer buddies, magical as they are, clock in 53,667 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. But don’t fret! That’s about the same amount of methane they naturally produce. It’s almost like Santa’s got his very own emission balancing act up there in the sky!

Sleighing carbon

So, all things considered, looks like it’s time for Santa to upgrade his ride. Perhaps a sleek, carbon-neutral sleigh with a ‘reinvented’ GPS that navigates the greenest routes?

Add in some locally-sourced magic dust, a factory powered by elf-generated energy, and voilà! Santa’s workshop – a hub of recycled dreams and eco-cheer!”

And Santa, (we know you’re a regular reader!) if you need any more suggestions to sleigh those carbon woes, take a look at our Carbon Insights service to effortlessly measure, reduce, and report carbon emissions while optimising your business for profitability. Why not have a read of our Carbon Insights Brochure, or just call us? 📞🎅

Explore Ethical Ocean’s damning full report card on Santa below:

Santa's carbon footprint