Cutting Carbon, embracing sustainability: our journey

09 October 2023

Total Utilities is proud to announce the successful completion of its fourth year of reporting under the prestigious Toitū net carbonzero programme, achieving an outstanding 75% reduction in emissions since its inaugural year, and a pleasing 56% decrease on 2022.

These results underscore our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and our proactive approach to carbon emissions reduction. They reflect our determination to align our actions with our environmental goals, showcasing our dedication to sustainable business practices.

Impressive emission reductions: a stride towards sustainability 

Since commencing the Toitū programme in 2019 with baseline emissions of 20.72 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tC02e), Total Utilities’ most recent audit confirmed a substantial reduction of 5.17 tC02-e last year.

Jonathan Gardiner, Managing Director of Total Utilities, attributes our success to strategic initiatives including a reduction in business travel and careful monitoring of transport fuel consumption for private car use. 

“However, we do acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead of us as a business as we look to relocate offices in the upcoming year,” says Jonathan. “This could present new challenges, with the business needing a larger space that will likely require increased energy.”

Total Utilities is eager to mitigate the impact of any changes by actively seeking an office located close to a railway station, which will improve staff commute options and align with the company’s ongoing commitment to reduce its footprint.

“We are proud of the significant strides we’ve made in reducing our carbon emissions so far,” continues Jonathan. “It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and the effectiveness of our sustainability strategies.”

“As we move forward, we are fully committed to environmental responsibility and exploring innovative solutions to further minimise our impact on the environment. We encourage all businesses to get onboard and start on their own decarbonisation journey.”

Partner with us to position your business as a green leader

Managing your carbon footprint comes with numerous benefits including heightened efficiency, reduced costs, and future-proofing your business. 

Total Utilities offers a comprehensive suite of services for measuring and reducing your carbon footprint. Our recently launched ‘Carbon Insights’ service enables businesses to supercharge their sustainability goals with advanced AI-powered carbon management, optimising carbon reduction and efficiency. 

With carbon measurement and reduction strategies in place, it is then well worth exploring achieving carbon accreditation standards such as those achieved by us with Toitu. Accreditation will help position your business as a green leader and open doors to new opportunities in a sustainability-focused market place.

Join us now in shaping  a greener, more sustainable future, and together we can drive real change in the business landscape.