MEDIA RELEASE: Transforming Carbon Management with Total Utilities 

29 September 2023

[Auckland, New Zealand, 2 October 2023] – Total Utilities, a leading provider of utility management, carbon measurement and reduction services, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking new Carbon Insights service – designed to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals up to 10 times faster.

Carbon Insights integrates Total Utilities’ carbon expertise with Net0’s advanced Al carbon management platform to deliver a cutting edge, fast-track carbon management solution.

This exclusive collaboration between Total Utilities and Net0 is poised to accelerate and simplify carbon management and reduction for businesses across New Zealand. 

A Leap in Carbon Management

Measuring carbon footprints can be a daunting task for businesses with challenges including lack of standardised methodologies, supply chain complexities, data reliability issues, financial constraints, or simply not knowing where to begin. 

Total Utilities understands these obstacles and is dedicated to helping businesses overcome them while encouraging wider participation in carbon management programs.

Director of Total Utilities Chris Hargreaves explains, “Carbon Insights enables us to streamline data collection, reporting, target setting, and progress tracking for customers in a cost-effective package. Our goal is to make the journey to net zero faster and more accessible for businesses across New Zealand.”

“While Carbon Insights utilises advanced AI technology, it remains user-friendly and its design allows it to be used in byte-sized, actionable chunks,” highlights Chris. “It is a compelling proposition for customers, empowering them to take control of their carbon emissions.”

Accelerate Sustainability Goals

Carbon Insights offers a complete Carbon Footprinting service, which enables business customers to get a clear view of their current emissions profile in order to guide strategic decisions across the business. 

Establishing a business’s carbon footprint can help kickstart enhanced profitability by uncovering hidden inefficiencies and untapped cost-saving opportunities.

Carbon Insights then helps businesses expertly track, reduce and report carbon emissions, in order to accelerate sustainability goals and streamline carbon measurement for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

The service offers businesses a range of features and levels tailored to their needs and budget. It seamlessly integrates with existing accounts and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

Showcasing Green Commitment

With research pointing to the fact that the majority of consumers want to support environmentally and socially responsible customers, Carbon Insights by Total Utilities can help position businesses as green leaders by showcasing their commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability.

This exclusive partnership with Net0 underscores Total Utilities commitment to removing barriers to carbon reduction, driving positive change, and creating a cleaner, greener future for New Zealand.

To learn more about Carbon Insights and Total Utilities’ range of carbon reporting tools and services, please visit

About Total Utilities: Total Utilities is a leading provider of utility management, carbon measurement and reduction services, offering innovative solutions to help businesses optimise their utility usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve sustainability goals. With a customer-centric approach and a comprehensive range of services, Total Utilities empowers clients to navigate the complexities of carbon management and drive positive change.

About Net0: Net0 is an innovative carbon management platform that enables businesses to measure, reduce, and disclose their carbon emissions with ease. With advanced AI technology and a user-friendly interface, Net0 simplifies carbon tracking and reporting, empowering businesses to accelerate their journey towards a net-zero future.

Media Contact:
Jonathan Gardiner,
Managing Director, Total Utilities
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