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PowerRadar™ helps reduce capital expenditures and increases storage capacity at a 40-hectare commercial water port

Posted 17 September 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

As the southernmost commercial deep-water port in New Zealand, South Port NZ worked with Total Utilities to implement Centrica Business Solutions’ Panoramic Power™ technology – avoiding costly upgrade projects and increasing available storage capacity. 80% increase in container storage days compared to previous year10mins to collect data from 51 revenue meters across site$600k savings from avoided capital project expenses (USD) Increasing capacity of available on-site storage South Port NZ is a deep-water port on a 40-hectare Island located in Bluff, New Zealand,...
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Case Study: Energy Contracts are never as simple as just getting a price.

Posted 8 September 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

Total Utilities is New Zealand’s largest issuer of business-to-business energy procurement tenders, providing energy purchasing services to many household names. With around 500 tenders issued to the market every year, getting favourable terms is crucial. But negotiating energy contracts is so much more than getting a great price. It involves an understanding of the many moving parts. Total-Utilities-Electric-Procurement-Case-StudyDownload The variables that influence retail energy prices are: GEOGRAPHICAL New Zealand’s population is dispersed over a large land area,...
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What’s happening with New Zealand’s Natural Gas and Decarbonisation Markets?

Posted 27 July 2021 by Richard Gardiner

All businesses need electricity. All people in a modern society like ours need electricity. The trouble lies in finding balance between combatting climate change and generating enough electricity to sustain our population. We all know and understand the importance of decarbonizing given the ominous challenge posed to us by climate change globally. But, New Zealand is a small, remote country which only accounts for 1/15th of 1% of the world’s population of 7.5 billion. New Zealand’s electricity and natural gas markets are inextricably inter-linked. Electricity and gas compete as...
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Case Study: A local big box retail chain cuts energy waste

Posted 16 June 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

A New Zealand retail chain is reaching its sustainable business goals and cutting costs with an intelligent energy insights tool. Big Box Retail Case Study...
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Energy Pricing is changing fast. How Total Utilities helps you adjust.

Posted 24 May 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

By 2050, the government has pledged to eliminate emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases, and to reduce biogenic methane emissions by between 24-47%. This means energy pricing is changing fast! While this is good news for the environment, it requires business to make some major adjustments.  Let's look at the impact of these changes and then the solutions that are available to you. Decline in gas production drives an increase in price New Zealand’s main gas field has been experiencing production issues since 2018. This year, their production is already down by 42%. This...
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Tiwai and Meridian’s deal: The aftermath of our large energy users and the future of energy in New Zealand

Posted 9 February 2021 by Chris Hargreaves

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters has struck a new deal with Meridian Energy which means the smelter will remain open until at least Decemeber 2024. We don’t yet know the prices that Rio Tinto has agreed with Meridian, but Forsyth Barr estimates that Rio will be paying a contract price of 3.5c/kWh. Compare that with large energy users across the country, who are paying over 11c/kWh. Last week, the news pushed already elevated ASX energy futures higher. Customers leaving contracts on or around a raw energy price of 8.5c/kWh struck 3 years ago are now facing, on average, raw...
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Cost‐effective solar power system for your business

Posted 13 July 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

The deployment of grid‐connected photovoltaic (solar PV) systems continues to grow at an impressive rate. In 2018, there was a 30% increase in systems implemented and it continues to move forward. Most of this growth involves residential systems, which have an 80% share of the connected capacity in NZ. Where's the growth in commercial solar pv systems? Why are the industrial and commercial sectors lagging behind? The following article was written by Perry Hutchinson, who holds a Master of Engineering Studies in Renewable Energy Systems and has 30+ years of experience designing...
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Energy Savings in a Rising Market

Posted 8 July 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

The retail price of energy for large commercial customers in New Zealand will remain elevated in 2020-21. So what are you going to do about it? New Zealand’s large commercial market for electricity and natural gas has been on a roller coaster ride for the last 2 years, the likes of which have not been seen before. There are numerous drivers that influence market movements. Fundamentally though it comes down to the balance between availability of supply and user demand. Oil, gas, thermal and hydro The Government’s decision to ban future offshore oil and gas drilling put...
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Drive energy efficiency through data

Posted 25 May 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

If you don't know precisely how, when and where energy is being used across your business, how can you understand where your energy costs really lie, or the best opportunities to improve energy and operational performance? Working together with Centrica Business Solutions, Total Utilities is the exclusive partner delivering the Energy Insight product solution to the New Zealand market. Using Centrica’s wireless sensor technology, you can monitor energy usage in real-time – right down to device and equipment level. When this information is relayed to our PowerRadarTM analysis...
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IoT and Energy Management

Posted 21 May 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

Join us on Monday as we discuss how the Internet of Things is changing Energy Management and how insights can support sustainable business. Register...
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