Waste Case Study: Businesses send less to landfill, save on levies, and recycle and reuse more when they engage Total Utilities.

21 September 2021

40% reduction in exposure to waste levies

Contract savings of $420k between 2021 and 2024

Ongoing recycling savings of $288k + each following year

Why Organisations Need Us

  1. Significant financial, environmental and brand gains are achieved when businesses manage and monitor their waste efficiently.
  2. To combat our growing waste problem, the New Zealand government is increasing the levies on nonrecycled waste from $10 per tonne to $60 per tonne by 2024. Now more than ever, businesses need to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.
  3. Our experienced waste consulting service team will help to navigate the often-complex waste management environment in Australasia.

How we help

Total Utilities provides a coordinated waste procurement, supplier management, monitoring and reporting service to many well-known New Zealand and Australasian brands.

We make sense of the options available, and know when and how to manage contracts,supplier engagement and multiple waste streams.

Major Client Wins

Case one: Increasing recycling and reusing behaviours

One of our big retail clients generates around 7,000 tonnes of waste each year. Until recently, most of this headed straight to landfill with minimal recycling or reuse. If they continued down this path the additional government levies and disposal tariffs could have added around $400,000 each year to their waste bill. Not to mention the damage to the environment and their brand’s reputation.

By engaging Total Utilities, the above customer:

  • managed their supplier and contracts effectively
  • gained significantly improved reporting and identified insights into their waste and waste behaviours
  • got their staff on board with new systems and policies
  • educed 40% of their waste levies through contract and performance efficiencies – and diverting waste from landfill by reusing and recycling
  • will save $420,000 between 2021 and 2024
  • after that they will save at least $288,000 p.a.

Case two: Waste mitigation and colloboration

We recently conducted a waste mitigation project in partnership with a well-known Australian firm, their supplier, and a specialist recycler. This partnership not only produced significant costs savings but allowed all parties to measure and monitor their results.

By engaging Total Utilities, the above customer:

  • standardised many previously disjointed supply and service arrangements
  • extended an existing major client contract
  • reduced their landfill usage, governance costs and costs to serve individual customer branches
  • reduced their waste charges and levies and improved their efficiency of supply.

Case three: Achieving long-term win/win contracts

Our client was about to negotiate a new contract with an existing waste supplier. Head Office in the meantime was facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and report on robust decarbonisation, recycling and waste diversion targets.

Total Utilities worked with the supplier to agree a win/win contract that included agreed targets and reporting. The supplier met these targets in the first half of the contract term, earning them the right to extend their contract for a much longer period, subject to continued performance.


As a result of this improved contact, the customer:

  • saw improved efficiency
  • faced much reduced waste charges
  • could see clear and measurable sustainability and decarbonisation outcomes
  • can now report their results to their Board, executives, shareholders, the market and government.
  • Total Utilities continues to work with all parties to provide ongoing improvement suggestions,
  • verifiable reporting on cost and consumption trends, and to ensure everyone complies with the
  • contracted billing and performance outcomes.

Successful outcomes for business, consumers and our planet

By working closely with our specialist waste consulting partners, suppliers and customers, Total Utilities improves the performance and efficiency of waste management, whilst negotiating the best possible contract terms. For our customers, this means reductions in their waste charges, levies and carbon footprint, improved monitoring and reporting of their waste systems, and less waste sent to landfill. We’re proud that as a result of these engagements businesses can reduce and reuse. These sustainable practices can be maintained long into the future for the benefit of current and future generations.

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