Transforming trash to triumph for leading hotel group

23 January 2024

Client: Prominent hotel & entertainment group

The challenge: waste overload

When a renowned hotel group faced a waste management challenge across multiple locations, the problem was clear — too many suppliers, unclear reporting, and a hefty price tag. They needed a solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and align with sustainability goals.

Our solution: nationwide RFP, supplier consolidation, and purposeful reuse

Total Utilities tackled the challenge comprehensively. Initiating a nationwide Request for Proposal (RFP) for various hotel sites, we aimed to consolidate services to two suppliers, enhancing engagement and simplifying reporting.

Simultaneously, during hotel refurbishments, we facilitated a connection between the hotel and ‘Free For All,’ a charity specialising in furnishing homes for families in need. The hotel embraced the opportunity to redirect materials from landfill to meaningful reuse, creating a sustainable and purposeful solution.

The outcome: a greener, leaner, and more compassionate future

The hotel group experienced significant savings of $105,000 annually – an impressive 21% reduction in spend – ensuring a greener and more sustainable waste management future.

The commitment to fixed pricing, transparent reporting, and supplier engagement not only simplified invoicing but also contributed to the group’s broader sustainability goals.

Simultaneously, the hotel’s decision to repurpose materials made a positive impact on both the environment and needy families.

This commitment to sustainability extended beyond financial savings, creating a ripple effect of positive change within and beyond the hotel’s walls.

These impressive results show that smart waste management isn’t just a cost-saver; it’s a game-changer for your business, a win for the environment, and can provide real and measurable benefits for your local community.

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