Kristin School Switches On The Sunshine

07 July 2023

Total Utilities partners with Kristin School to provide real-time monitoring of solar panel performance with our world-class energy monitoring solution.

  • Measuring and analysing solar power to calculate return on investment (ROI).
  • Tracking energy savings & identifying opportunities for improved solar performance.
  • Providing educational opportunities for students with solar lab to monitor real-time generation.
  • Helping Kristin School reduce reliance on grid and achieve sustainability goals.

Kristin powers its way to brighter, greener future

Kristin School in Auckland has been committed to sustainability for many years, with a target of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. 

The school first began installing solar panels in 2019 as part of a sustainability initiative named ‘The Lightbox Project.’ Two years later, they called upon Total Utilities for a full solar review and to recommend a service provider for further solar installations to extend the solar project. 

That done, the next step was to call upon our expertise to help them measure and quantify real-time solar generation and measure sustainability gains.

Using Centrica Business Solutions’ energy insights technology, Total Utilities was able to assist Kristin gain invaluable insights into solar power generation, whilst also providing amazing real-life learning opportunities for students with a solar monitoring lab.

Kristin Case Study Solar Stats








Delivering competitive advantage with real time energy monitoring

  • Total Utilities has an exclusive partnership with Centrica Business Solutions to deliver its Panoramic Power energy insights solution.
  • Panoramic Power provides world-class energy visibility and intelligence using wireless sensor technology that transmits data from all energy-using equipment in real time to the Cloud.
  • Our expert team analyses data to provide cutting edge energy insights and advice to deliver cost and energy savings for clients.
  • Panoramic Power is quick to install, requires no maintenance and is a revolution in energy management.

Basking in solar

Working together with Total Utilities, Kristin School has gained important insights into the benefits of its solar investment:

  • Increased sustainability. Total Utilities has been able to provide real-time insights into energy savings – a major step forward in helping the school measure its carbon footprint and achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral.
  • Reduced power consumption. Energy insights provided by Total Utilities show exactly where and when solar energy is being generated, providing reassurance on return on investment. 
  • Carbon credits. Kristin can now accurately calculate excess solar generated, earning carbon credits to offset the school’s carbon emissions and generate revenue.
  • Educational opportunities. The ‘Power Radar’ dashboard is an invaluable educational resource for students to learn about how solar energy can be used to power schools, businesses and homes.


Kristin School’s glowing report card for Total Utilities

Director of Business Services for Kristin School, Nigel Wilkinson said;

“The energy insight tools provided by Total Utilities have enabled us to measure solar power generated building by building, and the dashboard is so quick and easy to use with no training. Before it was installed, it was difficult to have confidence in exactly what was being generated and used.

As well as reassuring us about the ongoing viability of solar panels, the solar dashboard now enables me to confidently report back to the school board on our solar performance.

Additionally, the solar lab provided by Total Utilities is an excellent educational tool for students, allowing them to assess data and learn about renewable energy for projects and assignments.

All new buildings and upgrades now include solar panels. I can only see an increase in student and parent interest in renewable energy, and it’s important for us to be able to report on our commitment to reducing emissions and improving sustainability both now and in the future.” 

A greener future for our children

Total Utilities energy insights and reporting capability allows Kristin School to determine exactly how energy is consumed and potentially wasted on campus. 

This is an important step forward for schools such as Kristin who require an affordable, data-driven solution to reduce waste and carbon emissions in order to meet the government’s goal of NetZero emissions by 2050.

Armed with energy insights provided by Total Utilities, schools and businesses can accurately measure cost-savings and environmental benefits of solar.

Our energy insight services are ideal for any school or business wanting to reduce costs and carbon emissions, drive efficiency and ensure reliability of power.

With the clock ticking on a global environmental crisis, harnessing renewable solar energy is a great step forward to ensure a brighter, greener future for our children.

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