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18 March 2022

Staying ahead in business is often about being the first, being the best or doing something that no-one else has thought about. 

But being the best demands an ability to gather accurate, independent and reliable information in an increasingly complex world.

Total Utilities Market Commentary will help provide you with all the insights and tools you need to take immediate steps to get the very best deal on your utility prices, while simultaneously leading the way with sustainability best practice. We collate market research and trends to help you navigate volatile energy markets and make better, more informed decisions. 

As an independent voice in the market, we strive to deliver holistic insights and advice so that you are better equipped to deal with the changing environment in which we operate. 

The purpose of information is not knowledge. It is being able to take the right actions.’ 

Peter F. Drucker

So says founding father of modern business, Peter F. Drucker. Total Utilities Market Commentary helps ensure you have the right information to support the right actions now. We continuously track utility prices in relation to prevailing market conditions so that armed with this knowledge, you can take immediate action to optimise your energy procurement strategy.

No vested interests

As an independent voice in the market, we have no vested interests other than to strive to deliver comprehensive insights and advice. We have been tracking price trends in the energy market since deregulation began and have a comprehensive understanding of the various drivers in the market. We also keep fully abreast of policy and regulation changes to ensure we pass on all the strategic advantages from our independent analysis

As with all things in life, the right actions are not necessarily the easiest or the most straightforward. But we are passionate about providing you with the knowledge to not only leverage the best deals with your utilities, but also to take action now to assist you with decarbonisation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cleaner, greener business

Paritutu Rock in New Plymouth, New Zealand

At the COP26 summit in 2021, NZ signed up to an agreement to reduce emissions by 50% at 2030 compared to 2005 levels, meaning decarbonisation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – but critical to future proofing your business.

Sustainable business is about more than just reducing your impact on the environment. Businesses who can create circular economies – i.e., those who save money by eliminating waste and reinvesting in further savings activities – can achieve deep sustainability and lay the foundations for long-term success.

With expertise and guidance provided by our Market Commentary, you can ensure you are reading the latest information regarding competitive energy pricing and make savings to help fund your decarbonisation journey.

And that is most certainly the right action.

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