Energy Productivity through valuable Partnerships

14 June 2016

The 2016 Energy Management Association of New Zealand conference was recently held in Auckland. This was attended by myself and Pushkar Kulkarni from Total Utilities along with Dr Paul Bannister from Energy Action. Paul was presenting as part of the speaker programme. His presentation can be found here along with his review of the event here.

Productivity and partnerships

The program consisted of 30 speakers over two days. Overwhelmingly this year’s theme was on productivity and partnerships, the New Zealand productivity commission gave energy management a pass mark but added comments of “must try harder”.

In a small but dynamic market like New Zealand, partnerships are definitely key to making business successful. To be effective we can’t do everything ourselves. If we do, we run the risk of being the old cliché, a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Working with companies that hold specialist expertise can assist in writing business cases that are technologically and financially robust. Having a solid business case allows the business to move forward and instigate change. The right provider can be relied upon as a trusted adviser in their specialist field.


Strategic Energy Management

With energy management, a compelling story will provide qualified evidence, measurement and assurance. This evidence can be used as a strategic tool by company executives. It is important to consider and answer questions under the following categories:

• Strategic
• Economic
• Commercial
• Financial
• Management

Energy management and optimisation must create outcomes that lead to strategic value. All work must consider the wider business strategy and take into account other business cases and projects that are being run in parallel. It should not be used as a mechanism by the engineering department to merely justify the purchase of new gadgets, widgets and kit. This view is echoed by my colleague David Spratt when companies review their IT asset bases.

Total Utilities, as fully independent consultants, are able to give unbiased advice to optimise energy consumption ensuring businesses maximise the value of their energy using assets. We have specialist, qualified staff who are experts in energy efficiency and can assist in building a comprehensive business case.

For more information on how we might assist your business in driving more value from your energy consumption please contact myself on 021 650 336, [email protected] or Pushkar Kulkarni – Sales Manager | Energy Efficiency on 021 273 4337, [email protected]