CMVP Certified Partners at Total Utilities

31 March 2016

In a new move from the EECA, funding applicants need a programme partner who has CMVP (Certified Measurement and Verification) certified individuals. Total Utilities’ CMVP certified staff can help you with EECA applications under the CMVP partner programme in New Zealand.

Certified Measurement and Verification provides transparency

A change in policy within the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) means that funded Energy Efficiency projects now require that programme partners follow the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) framework.

Any Measurement and Verification (M&V) is to be undertaken by a person or persons that have received appropriate training and have the necessary level of expertise demonstrated by the completion of the Efficiency Valuation Office (EVO) Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) course and passing the CMVP exam.

Total Utilities Staff are CMVP Certified

cmvpTotal Utilities is pleased to announce that both Chris Hargreaves and Pushkar Kulkarni have recently been approved as certified measurement and verification professionals. Awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers in conjunction with Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO), both Chris and Pushkar join a global community of around 4,000 professionals certified in the measurement and verification field.

What is the EVO?

The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) is the exclusive global training body for the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP). EVO developed and owns the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol® (IPMVP) and training material used with the CMVP examination.

In conjunction with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the CMVP program was established with the dual purpose of recognizing the most qualified professionals in this growing and critical area of the energy industry, and to raise the overall professional standards within the measurement and verification (M&V) field.

The right to use the CMVP title is granted to those who demonstrate proficiency in the M&V field by passing a four hour written exam and meeting the required academic and professional qualifications. EVO’s certification level training must be taken to prepare for the exam and as a review of basic principles for experts.

Why is IPMVP important and what are the benefits?

  • IPMVP defines a standardised approach for the measurement of savings and is an internationally recognised framwork that follows accepted good practice. For a customer who is a user of energy, an IPMVP-adherent savings report can be relied upon when accessing the reported performance of buildings, plant and machinery.
  • Specification of IPMVP as the basis for designing a project’s M&V can simplify the application for Government funding.
  • IPMVP delivers international credibility for energy savings reports as M& V plans are transparent and repeatable, thereby increasing value to a customer.
  • Enhanced rating under programs to encourage or label sustainably designed and/or operated facilities.
  • IPMVP assists national and industry organisations promote and achieve energy related utility efficiency and environmental objectives. IPMVP is widely adopted by national and regional government agencies (such as EECA) and by industry organisations to help manage their programs and enhance the credibility of their reported results.
  • For Total Utilities this means that the IPMVP framework will add further rigor to all utility analytics.

With Adherence to the IPMVP framework, Total Utilities continues to strengthen their reputation of providing clear and transparent analytics that assists customers in making informed and strategic decisions.