What are Power Factor charges?

20 March 2013

Man Measuring BoardPower Factor can be likened to carrying a plank through a door.  If the plank is lined up, it will fit through a regular door without hitting the frame, but if the plank is taken through side on, you’ll need a wider door or you’ll cause damage.  Our supply network is designed as a regular door and the PF penalty is to pay for the damage caused by all those bumps.

From a more technical point of view, power factor is the measure of how effectively electrical power is being used in the conversion of current to work.  The higher the PF, the more effectively electrical power is utilised.  Unused power migrates back and forwards generating heat and wasting some energy.  The energy wastage is not that significant in itself, but the extra capacity cost sits with Vector.  The PF penalty is designed to make users aware of the unnecessary losses and costs in the supply of power.

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