Owning & operating computer equipment becoming redundant…?

31 March 2014

computer equipmentOwning and operating computer equipment is becoming as redundant a concept as using generators to access electricity.  While there are cases where generators are essential these are niche applications.  The rest of us just plug into the grid with a three pin plug!  Utility computing is exactly the same and will rapidly transform the way we see IT.  Of course change of this magnitude has a big impact on people…

This article describes the challenge for organisations who are having difficulty persuading the existing IT technologists to get past the fear of losing their jobs or becoming irrelevant, when the reality is often quite the opposite.  This has proved a significant barrier to acceptance of cloud computing  in the New Zealand marketplace.

From Total Utilities perspective, we are seeing the focus move away from technologists owning and operating equipment and towards financial and capacity monitoring and analysis as a core activity.  It is no longer a question of ‘Which brand do I use and does it have flashing lights?’.  Rather it is ‘How do I cost my options and then monitor capacity and financial performance once I am committed?’

That’s where we come in.

Read the Herald article here