Managing, Monitoring and Mitigating Risk

05 September 2014

Price is not king when it comes to managing utilities and getting the best from your investment. Businesses typically overlook the strong relationship between purchasing prices, consumption and utilisation efficiency. Focusing on cost per unit without analysing the way in which utilities are consumed can result in businesses paying more and getting less value.

Total Utilities provides an end-to-end approach to utility optimisation across electricity, natural gas/LPG, trade waste and ICT. This starts with strategic, proactive purchasing but it doesn’t end there. We focus on key business drivers like controlling cost and consumption – and report back on usage trends, exceptions and changes, provide budgeting advice for the future and remove the need for manual bill-checking. These deliverables should be underpinned by a proactive energy audit of any new premises to ensure that these meet best practise from day one.

Monitoring Image Business Drivers

The Total Utilities management service adds value to customers by delivering the following benefits:

  • Up to date and relevant market knowledge and expertise
  • Reporting of usage trends, exceptions and changes
  • Budgeting advice for the future
  • Removal of time consuming manual bill checking
  • Strategic and proactive purchasing

We also offer reporting dashboards which allow businesses access to real-time information, helping managers gain oversight of multiple sites simultaneously.

Monitoring Image Dashboard

Working closely with a select group of clients on a monthly basis allows Total Utilities to assist customers in managing all areas of their utility costs. Total Utilities analysts constantly monitor the market and provide ongoing experise to ensure you get the best possible value from your utility services spend.

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