Google slashes cloud storage prices

17 March 2014

see-how-your-google-results-measure-up-with-google-grader-video--6b8bbb4b41Once again a major cloud provider – on this occasion Google – has slashed the price of storage – this time for ordinary consumers.  Note that these changes apply to all customers not just those signing new subscriptions.


Users considering cloud storage should note their contract terms, urges David Spratt of Total Utilities Management Group.  “If you are locked in to a price for two or three years you may miss many, many price cuts over the contract term, while your storage needs double or even quadruple.”


“In the business sector we expect to see continued price pressure being brought to bear on local NZ hosting, cloud server and cloud storage providers to compete with the scale, contract flexibility, reliability and sheer pricing power of the likes Google, Amazon, RackSpace HP and Microsoft.”

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