Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Methodologies Generate up to 40% Reductions

19 May 2015

Total Utilities provides an end to end approach to utility optimisation by focusing on the key business drivers such as controlling cost and consumption. Typically we find that businesses can overlook the strong relationship that exists between purchasing prices, consumption and the efficiency and effectiveness of utilisation.

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Through tailored services that can help any business assess, improve and manage on site levels of energy efficiency, with the use of innovative energy efficiency and energy management methodologies businesses will be able to generate up to a 40% reduction in total energy usage, which directly correlates to significant cost savings, increasing the sustainability of your business.

Our associates, Exergy New Zealand, an Energy Action Group company is a technical consultancy offering services that targets energy efficiency from design to post implementation stages of a project.

The following demand side services are offered to facilities that are already in use or those in the planning stages and include;

  • Concept & preliminary design reviews to improve base building performance and identify improvement measures well before final design work commences.
  • Simulation reviews to estimate the energy consumption of various design scenarios, with real world comparisons.
  • Energy audits and assessments enable businesses to understand how energy is used in a site or facility. From this baseline and ongoing energy management, a range of opportunities can be identified to optimise energy use to save money and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Retro commissioning and tunings offers specialist analysis of your existing system to get the plant you have working properly. By avoiding the cost of replacing major plant, the financial results are highly attractive. 20-30% savings are not unusual in the average commercial building environment.
  • Measurement and Verification, Metering systems — True efficiency is delivered by continuous improvement, which needs a targeted, measurement and monitoring of key energy and operations performance indicators.
  • NABERS NZ Ratings — NABERS NZ is a national rating system that measures the environmental performance of New Zealand buildings and tenancies. Exergy has the largest pool of expertise in NABERS skills, including a substantial team of NABERS Accredited Assessors, NABERS Auditors and Trainers who conduct over 150 NABERS ratings each year.
  • Assistance with ECCA funding applications is also an integral part of any substantial energy efficiency projects, the Exergy team has a strong relationship with ECCA and can assist businesses in make the right funding applications.

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