Angus McFarlane Group Information Systems Manager, Moana New Zealand

The broad experience that Total Utilities brought to bear made a significant impact on the process. We value the fact that they possess a network of contacts across the whole utilities sector but have no allegiance to any one supplier, and therefore can provide that independent market assessment. We wanted a partner to see us right for the next five years so we couldn’t leave anything to chance. Total Utilities people are very easy to do business with and they know how to get to the crux of the matter. They make a real effort to understand our business and market. We can trust Total Utilities, they are good value and very responsive. They are able to view the big picture from a strategic point of view and apply their expertise. They don’t just deal in theory but are used to applying real world solutions. If you just need an organisation to get into the nuts and bolts of your IT or telecoms infrastructure, Total Utilities is definitely the right company.

Neil McEnteer Executive Officer, Tamaki College

Since we started working with Total Utilities in 2012, their analysts have handled the renegotiation of our electricity, gas, telecoms and waste contracts. They helped us cut 29% off our telecoms pricing, 44% off our waste contract pricing and 12% then a further 13% off our power and gas.
Unless you are proactive, completely up to date with market information and have read all the fine print, it’s difficult to be sure that you’ve secured the best utilities contracts. Working with Total Utilities has shown us just what can be achieved when you bring in the experts.
The team leaves nothing to chance. Their logical, thorough methodology makes the whole process transparent and straightforward. I feel very confident that they are doing everything possible to get us the best deal.

Simon Watson Managing Director, NZ Hothouse

We wouldn’t go into an RFP without Total Utilities. Gas is one of our largest expenses and Total Utilities have handled our last four contract negotiations. They’ve managed to deliver significant savings every time.
This year, acting on their analysts' advice, we went to market six months early as part of a large buying group. The savings we ended up with amounted to a six-figure sum. We had offers from five or six suppliers. The ones that were attractive up-front often turned out not to be as good as they looked.
It’s important to really understand the contract terms and conditions, be aware of the pitfalls and be able to cut through the smoke and mirrors. Total Utilities prepare a report that really compares 'like with like'. That makes it easy for us to come to the right decision with the confidence that we are getting the best possible deal.

Tony Pugh Business Manager, New Plymouth Girls High

This is our third contract negotiation with Total Utilities and we’ve saved money every time. This year we cut our power costs by 24% by getting more suppliers interested in quoting for our business and making the most of favourable contract terms.
It’s important to present the information to suppliers using the right language in order to get the best result – it can be very time-consuming to manage the process. Total Utilities was able to present us with eight offers from different suppliers, lay them out on a single page and recommend the best contract to us – based on dollars and contract terms.
We initially tried to get together with other schools in the Taranaki area but it proved too difficult - each school had different contract expiry dates. Then we found out that Total Utilities offered a service that bulked school power needs together on a national basis. It's a great antidote to the hefty power increases that we've seen in the past.
We have saved very good money on the past three contracts and have found the analysts at Total Utilities really easy to work with. The bottom line is that now we are not spending more on power than the Ministry is giving us.

Greg Wilson Greg Wilson, Supply Chain Manager, NDA Engineering Ltd

We've been working with Total Utilities for three power contract cycles. Since 2008 Total Utilities has negotiated supply contracts for multiple NDA Engineering sites across the North and South Islands with varying expiry dates. Over all these negotiations, they have reliably brought us savings. We haven't gone backwards in any of them.
We treat Total Utilities as an extension of our business. Their analysts provide us with multiple contract options and recommend which one we should sign. Each power negotiation requires virtually no time input from me.
Their people are easy to deal with - they explain their recommendations and our options very clearly. Total Utilities really know what they are doing.

Michael Mecham Corporate Compliance Officer, Harvey Norman

Total Utilities handles electricity procurement across thirty plus sites for Harvey Norman. We achieved substantial savings across the years that we contracted for. Total Utilities were excellent communicators providing timely information in a clearly presented final report. The business offered Harvey Norman a complete end-to-end utilities procurement service.

Fergus Brown Chief Executive, Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of New Zealand (HAPNZ)

The Holiday Accommodation Parks Association is delighted with the results of its relationship with Total Utilities. Our members have saved over $250,000 on their energy costs, which makes a huge difference in these challenging operating times. Even the holiday parks that achieved smaller savings benefited in a big way by getting confirmation that they are on the best possible rate for their energy supply. Total Utilities is a great partner for our holiday parks throughout New Zealand.

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