Emmy Seccombe Business Services Manager, Te Uru – Waitakere Contemporary Art Gallery

We have worked with the team at Total Utilities for almost two years now. Our initial engagement was to understand why our brand new and purpose built Gallery was consuming excessive energy. Total Utilities energy efficiency consultants not only helped us identify the issues on site but also secured EECA Grant Funding which helped us optimise our utilities and deliver considerable energy savings. The team has since been proactively working with our contractors to identify opportunities and improve our energy usage.

Subsequently, we engaged Total Utilities to negotiate an electricity tariff for the Lopdell House building. Although not a large building, energy costs were a good portion of our expenses. The open and transparent process resulted in securing substantial savings in the kWh unit rate and moreover Total Utilities secured a price that was better than the reduced tariff quoted by the incumbent supplier.

Paul Laing Commercial Manager, Red Stag Timber

Since 2008, Total Utilities has proven to be a strong ally for us at Red Stag Timber. While supporting our energy purchasing and contract negotiations they also deliver independent expertise and market commentary that provides context to our wider business strategy. Aside from raw materials, energy is a key component in our day to day production and we are always looking for better ways to make use of our resources. Forecasting is a key component of this and Total Utilities has provided us with higher level analytics which has helped us to better understand the potential risk and reward of differing usage scenarios. Having the ability to use Total Utilities as a sounding board for ideas gives us an alternate perspective which offers us real insights into our decision making.

Haydn Randall General Manager, St Bede's College

St Bede's College recently utilised Total Utilities’ expertise to review and tender the electricity supply to the College. They negotiated good savings for the College over the contract term as they did in the previous contract negotiation three years earlier. I recommend them for their professionalism and service. They handle the entire process from analysis through to implementation and include a full and comprehensive report explaining the tender results and making a recommendation. In a fiscally challenging education environment the financial benefits Total Utilities have created for the College have been significant.

Neil Templeton Business Manager/Board Secretary, Rangi Ruru High School

At Rangi Ruru we have used Total Utilities Management Group twice in reviewing and tendering our electricity supply. In both instances, they have generated significant savings for us.

I have absolutely no reservations is recommending them. You engage them, they run the entire process and you receive full and comprehensive reports explaining the results. The process is also remarkably swift. We have found Total Utilities to be supremely professional and available for advice, able to readily explain options and alternatives, an example of this occurred in the last round, we had a unique opportunity presented to us directly by our existing provider, Total Utilities were able quantify the impact of that as part of their recommendations.

In short they are a professional and effective organisation generating real savings for their client.

Friederike Cannan Executive Officer, Northcote College

After trying my hand at running the tender for the school's electricity contract (1 main ICP and 3 smaller ones) it was with much relief that I came across Total Utilities through the School Executive Officers Association. Total Utilities took over the management of the school's gas and electricity contracts for Northcote College over 14 years ago, they check the monthly invoices for me and also help set the annual budget. They have the market expertise and as they manage a number of schools I believe they are able to negotiate better prices than I could - plus it saves me lots of time in my ever-changing and expanding job of Executive Officer. I then discovered that they also offer similar services for water accounts and phone contracts. They managed our landline and mobile RFP 2 years ago which saw more savings for us. Just a couple of months ago their support was invaluable when Vector sent us a standard letter advising of a planned power shut down. Total Utilities tried to get Vector to confirm it was to go ahead as Vector had sent us a 2nd contradictory letter. Unfortunately, we got mixed messages and they did in fact shut down our power (on a Saturday) which left our alarms sounding for most of the day when some back up batteries failed as well as other issues. Total Utilities offered another service - they took Vector to the utilities disputes service and got us a resolution! Brilliant. Who knew there was such a thing. We feel we're in safe and experienced hands with Total Utilities looking after our utilities. They're a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable bunch and I do not hesitate to recommend their services.

Nigel Wilkinson Director of Business Services, Kristin School

We are a managed services client of Total Utilities. They regularly review and analyse our energy usage data and report on financial issues as well as highlighting noticeable changes to our usage profiles. After Total Utilities identified abnormally high usage outside of normal operating parameters, a Type 1 energy audit was conducted to review and identify areas of concern. Total Utilities secured substantial EECA grant funding, making it cost effective for the school and ensured we could start the process straight away rather than wait for budget approvals.

The audit highlighted possible areas that were contributing to substantial energy usage at times when it was not expected. Subsequently we conducted a weekend survey of these areas that clearly identified the problem. This resulted in some quick gains for Kristin School by optimising our energy usage and delivering sustained savings. Having utilised Total Utilities to negotiate energy supply contracts on our behalf we are confident that we are getting a good value price from the market and also consuming our energy more efficiently.

Rachelle Strydom Finance Manager, Spectrum Care Trust

Spectrum Care, via our subsidiary Homes of Choice, holds a diverse property portfolio with over 100 energy connections. Electricity expenditure, therefore, represents a significant percentage of our total utility cost.
As a charitable trust, we’re very focused on finding efficiencies in areas such as energy use. Total Utilities understood the unique nature of our organisation, our services and our business needs. By negotiating new electricity contracts, Total Utilities was able to deliver savings relative to previous spend and also factored in additional features, such as the ability to easily roll sites into/out of our ever-changing portfolio.
Total Utilities has also delivered more comprehensive analytics of the usage trends across our regions, services and individual sites. Through site benchmarking and greater visibility of trends and exceptions, we’ve been able to bring more focus and measurability to our energy efficiency goals. This ensures our limited resources are used to greatest efficiency – first and foremost to support people with disabilities to live great lives...

Matt Candy Projects and Procurement Manager, Barworks Hospitality Group

Barworks operates 19 hospitality venues across Auckland. With a range of bars, restaurants and function venues our energy requirements can vary substantially from site to site. Partnering with Total Utilities has meant that we don’t have to juggle these requirements as all electricity and gas contract negotiations are taken care of with ease and without hassle.

Total Utilities has also assisted us in better understanding our energy requirements and conducted type 1 energy audits at 3 venues in Auckland. By reviewing a cross section of our venue portfolio, the aim was to identify trends and commonalities between sites to deliver operational insights. The audit provided a range of initiatives around the refrigeration, cooling, heating and ventilation systems, lighting and exhaust systems. Reported measures were grouped into short term and long term measures relative to the investment required to implement.

This provided independent verification of possible opportunities allowing us to prioritise measures to improve our existing sites immediately and what should be done when refurbishing or building new venues.

Mike Thompson Managing Director, Trical

Electricity is the 3rd highest expense behind Rent and Wages. It is often overlooked as it is "too hard" to make savings due to the perception of there being a monopoly and the difficulty of knowing where to get cheaper prices.
Total Utilities, Richard Gardiner, followed me up repeatedly (4 times) for several months and then took all the pain out of the process. They reviewed our current electricity contract, monthly billing and then went to the market for quotation to several energy providers. The savings were significant and worth the small-time input to get the information required. I am happy to recommend Richard and his team, they provide great service.

Andrew Goodin Chief Information Officer, Zespri

The deeper we get into our cloud journey the better the quality of the information required to inform our management decisions. Total Utilities’s financial and consumption monitoring and reporting is great and reinforces the great work they have done for Zespri in this area.

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