Cost‐effective solar power system for your business


Cost‐effective solar power system for your business

Posted 13 July 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

The deployment of grid‐connected photovoltaic (solar PV) systems continues to grow at an impressive rate. In 2018, there was a 30% increase in systems implemented and it continues to move forward. Most of this growth involves residential systems, which have an 80% share of the connected capacity in NZ. Where's the growth in commercial solar pv systems? Why are the industrial and commercial sectors lagging behind? The following article was written by Perry Hutchinson, who holds a Master of Engineering Studies in Renewable Energy Systems and has 30+ years of experience designing...
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Energy Savings in a Rising Market

Posted 8 July 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

The retail price of energy for large commercial customers in New Zealand will remain elevated in 2020-21. So what are you going to do about it? New Zealand’s large commercial market for electricity and natural gas has been on a roller coaster ride for the last 2 years, the likes of which have not been seen before. There are numerous drivers that influence market movements. Fundamentally though it comes down to the balance between availability of supply and user demand. Oil, gas, thermal and hydro The Government’s decision to ban future offshore oil and gas drilling put...
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Are You OK? COVID Confessions

Posted 14 June 2020 by David Spratt

Staying Sane When Locked Up This post follows on from Are you OK? which you might like to read as well. Covid-19 Confessions What has occurred to me is just how anxious so many of us have become during Covid-19 lockdown. Simple things like supermarket shopping and big things like keeping business and personal finances on track have all become causes for concern. A friend admitted to reading his young son’s online homework recently. It was a short essay on life in a bubble. “Dad is getting cross a lot” and “Mum’s acting weird sometimes” leapt off the page. He is a...
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5 Operational Efficiency KPIs

Posted 14 June 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

Improve manufacturing operations and cut costs by setting operational efficiency KPIs. In the last 3 months the global economy has been turned on it's head due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In light of this, manufacturers are faced with the pressures of producing more high-quality goods, with less money, time and resources. Regulations are becoming more stringent and competition is growing in a smaller market. Due to these increased business pressures, there’s a greater emphasis on alternative ways of being competitive. These include improving speed to market with new innovations,...
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Drive energy efficiency through data

Posted 25 May 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

If you don't know precisely how, when and where energy is being used across your business, how can you understand where your energy costs really lie, or the best opportunities to improve energy and operational performance? Working together with Centrica Business Solutions, Total Utilities is the exclusive partner delivering the Energy Insight product solution to the New Zealand market. Using Centrica’s wireless sensor technology, you can monitor energy usage in real-time – right down to device and equipment level. When this information is relayed to our PowerRadarTM analysis...
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IoT and Energy Management

Posted 21 May 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

Join us on Monday as we discuss how the Internet of Things is changing Energy Management and how insights can support sustainable business. Register...
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Why start ups survive and prosper

Posted 20 May 2020 by David Spratt

Only half of new New Zealand businesses survive longer than ten years and even then, only 5 per cent of those ever reach a turnover of $1 million. That is bad news. The good news is that of the 5 per cent of businesses that reach $1 million turnover, one in four grow to $10 million turnover. As a start-up, finding the right strategies, tactics and culture to grow profitably and sustainably will put you into an elite group of businesses - the long term winners. Below is some advice to help you get started and survive. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush How many times...
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Get your head in the cloud

Posted 18 May 2020 by David Spratt

Why cloud is crucial for a sustainable business, and how to choose the best option. The Covid-19 outbreak has reinforced two lessons for businesses – the importance of cloud-based services and the need to ensure their model is sustainable. Cloud platforms have really come into their own, providing accessibility for remote workers and customers, while providing the ultimate scalability for businesses facing an uncertain future. But in a world where both the economy and environment are facing unprecedented challenges, it is more vital than ever for business owners and CFOs to make...
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Inform your energy strategy with an end-to-end view of your assets

Posted 17 April 2020 by Chris Hargreaves

Create a sustainable energy strategy, and build a competitive advantage with powerful energy insights that provide complete visibility of your energy footprint. Now more than ever businesses globally are looking for wastage and holding utility costs to account by requiring detailed operational reports. As the owner of your energy strategy, it is imperative that you have end-to-end visibility of your energy footprint. Obtaining this level of visibility will provide you with energy intelligence around consumption and performance of on-site assets. These energy insights will give...
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Why spend money on Social Media?

Posted 6 April 2020 by David Spratt

I recently spent some time with a group of business leaders who all had concerns about the increasing demands for money and resources that were being made right across their enterprises. Whether it was investments in new plant and machinery, wage increases, new government regulations or the price of electricity and waste services, they all felt pressure on the bottom line. Why spend money on social media?! One area that came up in discussion was justifying our Social Media spend. For many people that I talk to, it feels like a bottomless pit where they pour cash in, only to be...
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